THE GROVE – by John Rector

Having greatly enjoyed Cold Kiss, John Rector’s first UK release only a matter of weeks ago, I was really pleased to hear him discussing The Grove on online interviews –  a book he originally self-published as an ebook to enormous success.

So, swiftly on the heels of Cold Kiss, those lovely people at Pocket Books will be bringing The Grove to a partly prepared audience.

Partly prepared, because although Cold Kiss was dark, The Grove takes an even darker turn into a claustrophobic setting and theme.

Dexter McCray has secrets, he has a past – he also has a tractor in the ditch at the back of his farm and a dead teenager close by.

And so, in we go, into the mystery, into the darkness and into the troubled mind of Dex as he struggles to recall what might have happened the previous night under the haze of his heavy scotch habit.

His wife Liz has left him, he has no one else close to turn to or confide in without arousing suspicion linked to his troubled past, and so he turns to and talks to the only person he can – the dead girl – and she talks back him.

With the tale being told from the view of Dex and the dead girl, The Grove is like a darker evil twin to The Lovely Bones.

In turn, chilling, moving, worrying, unsettling and filled with the same overall sense of impending dread that I loved about Cold Kiss, John Rector’s novels are certainly required reading for this reader from this point onwards.

Keith B Walters



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3 responses to “THE GROVE – by John Rector

  1. Liz

    I loved loved Cold Kiss and my review is going live later this week on MFB. Am looking fwd to his next offering. And looking at his pic, John just looks so nice! 🙂 Who would have thought he could write scary tense stuff like this?

  2. Hi Liz, thanks for dropping by.
    If you loved Cold Kiss, then you will love love love The Grove – and you will wonder at just how dark that ‘nice’ looking Mr Rector can write.
    I got serious Stephen King echoes throughout reading it – like he took ‘The Body’ and twisted it further into the darkside.

  3. i have read the grove and loved it now i am about to start the cold kiss tonight and i cant wait.! i love the grove soo much i did a final english report on it!

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