Dark Matter – A Ghost Story – by Michelle Paver

Published by Orion Books

Another novel with a brooding black and white image on its jacket, but this time one that unashamedly declares itself as a ghost story.

The trailer on the author’s website did a great job of setting the scene for the tale of the 1937 expedition to Gruhuken in the Arctic and of the supernatural events that are experienced by Jack Miller, a young wireless operator chosen to accompany the team.

This is the first adult novel by Michelle Paver (best known for her childrens’ series The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness) and the tale of the ‘something that walks in the dark’ certainly kept this big kid awake at night.

The growing menace as the crew gradually begin to diminish through injury or other circumstance, leaving Jack alone with the snow and a team of huskies, couldn’t not make me think of classic snow-bound thrillers like The Thing and The Shining – particularly when ‘Jack’ wields an axe in one scene.

But this is no horror novel, low on gore and big on tension – absolutely perfectly timed Halloween ghostly reading – get out and grab a copy now and make sure there are plenty of spare light bulbs and a torch around before you crack the book open – you won’t want the darkness to fall around you.

Keith B Walters


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