Scream Street 7 – Invasion of the Normals – by Tommy Donbavand

Okay, so here’s where my youngest (8 year old Sam) makes the decision to follow his sister and present me with this, his first book review.

He loves Tommy Donbavand’s Scream Street series, so I wasn’t at all surprised at his choice – keep writing them Tommy, he’s catching up with you…

So, here’s Sam’s review of Scream Street 7: Invasion of the Normals:

As this series is so jam packed with fun-filled action every single book gives me fascination.

I don’t believe the work and imagination the talented author of this book (Tommy Donbavand) has got, as I’m currently on book 7 of this eye-catching selection of stories.

I’m excited about what will happen on number 8 and up.

My favourite characters are Luke and Dixon.  Luke is funny and is a very good werewolf.  Dixon is funny too, especially when he makes up rhymes in number 7 for the Normals!

Thank You For Reading My Review

Sam Walters.



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3 responses to “Scream Street 7 – Invasion of the Normals – by Tommy Donbavand

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  2. Great review, Sam! The Scream Street series is brilliant, isn’t it? I love them too, though I’m 23! My favourite character was always Resus, until I read Invasion of the Normals – now it’s Kian! He’s the best 6-year-old vampire ever to appear in a book. 🙂

  3. Hi Sam

    Thanks so much for that great review! I’m delighted to hear you’re enjoying the Scream Street books. There’s plenty more action to come from Luke, Resus and Cleo (and Dixon, too)!

    Tommy Donbavand
    author, Scream Street

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