When will there be good news? – NOW !

With everything we’re reading in the press, on the news and on social network sites about closures of some of Waterstones’ stores, threatened local library closures and the potential threat that some think the digital book reader has become, there was this week, in amongst all the bad stuff, some very good news indeed.

And the news concerns what is undoubtably the finest, possibly one of the smallest, but likely the most respected of all of London’s booksellers, Goldsboro Books, based at 7 Cecil Court.

This quiet and unassuming facade has played host to all of the big names in all things bookish for years, since being set up by Directors David Headley and Daniel Gedeon and it’s just that enthusiasm which has made Goldsboro ‘The Book Collectors’ Bookseller’.

It’s first port of call to many visitors to London who want to pick up a beautiful condition first edition, often signed within the store, by their favourite author.

So, it was great to hear via the grapevine of twitter over the last couple of weeks that plans were afoot for Goldsboro to grow and build on their success – with them soon to take a premises double their existing size but remaining on the same street, so well known for its bookshops.

Having spent a great evening just the other week in the company of fans, publicists and other reviewers at Goldsboro to celebrate the launch of David Hewson’s latest Nic Costa novel, The Fallen Angel, it was clear that firstly the place was just full of love and enthusiasm for books, but also that a little more space would clearly be needed.  But, that said, it was a nice enough evening to just stand outside chatting when the shop itself became close to bursting point.

So, get along to Goldsboro Books – now at its current location, at its website http://www.goldsborobooks.com , and at its new home when the move takes place.

This is a gem of a bookstore – its one that supports its writers, publishers and readers – as such, it more than deserves support from the book buyers in return.

Keith B Walters


(Pic: David Hewson & Peter James at Goldsboro Books                                       for the launch of ‘The Fallen Angel’ – PanMacmillan)


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