Simon & Schuster’s Bloggers’ event.

A belated thank you to Ally Glynn and Kay McKenna plus the rest of the team at Simon & Schuster for a great bloggers’ event held at their lovely offices a few weeks back.

Unfortunately, my day was very hectic, with three events in one afternoon/evening, so I didn’t get the chance to stay for the whole event at S&S Towers.

I did get to meet a few great bloggers and even put a few faces to twitter avatars whilst waiting for the event to start – great to finally meet Jenny from Wondrous Reads, Miles from Milo’s Rambles, Liz and Mark from My Favourite Books, Alison from Floor to Ceiling Books and many others – just sorry I still managed to miss so many along the way.

Much as I dislike them, name badges next time I think would be a fast identifier.

The event was in two parts.

The break was, fortunately at a suitable time for me to make my departure without causing too much disruption.

Part one was a great panel discussion with the assembled group of authors – a real mixed genre group as you can see from the book jackets displayed here.

Questions were posed by Ally Glynn, primarily from pre-submitted emailed questions from bloggers – how chuffed was I that two of my questions were picked out almost straight away? : = Very!

All of the authors had interesting comments to make about their writing careers, practices and what was due next from them and it made for an entertaining , informative and friendly hour in the company of the magnificet seven.

As I had to make a swift departure it, unfortunately, meant that I only got the chance to share a few words with Craig Robertson before leaving – his debut novel RANDOM being a particular favourite of mine from that week’s reading.

Very pleased to say that his follow up SNAPSHOT will be with us soon, with a third in the offing after that.

I would have loved to have entered the second room with my fellow bloggers, but timing prevented both myself and Miles from doing so.  We could only stare in through the large windows as we left, leaving the others to spend time chatting to the authors, snacking, drinking and steadily filling S&S goodie bags with more great reads for the weeks ahead.

A huge thanks to the Simon & Schuster team and to Ally and Kat in particular for such a well organised and fun event.

Just hope that next time round, I can attend the whole thing from beginning to end.

Keith B Walters

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