Getting ready for World Book Night

Saturday morning was very busy in the Walters’ household and was, once again, mainly book related.

Firstly, I waited until 12 noon and then dropped the link I’d been sent by the organisers into my search engine and it took me to HMV’s ticket site where I was able to grab a pair of tickets for this coming Friday night’s launch event in Trafalgar Square – fantastico!  Just need to find time to get up to Piccadilly later this week now to exchange tickets for wristbands to gain entrance to the sure to be star-studded event…

Then I placed a call to Kirkdale Bookshop in Sydenham to confirm that my 48 copies of Kate Atkinson’s Case Histories were ready for collection – which they were.

We then wrapped some books we’d like to give to others, so that the shop staff could give them away on the night to other givers at their party and headed to the shop with a sack barrow in the car (as parking nearby is fairly tricky).

We collected the books and gave the shop staff our presents, but Georgia was so taken with the shop that we had to return as soon as we’d loaded the car, so we could explore both great levels and purchase some more books (of course) including a couple of the children’s World Book Day titles.

Great day – now looking forward to next Friday’s launch and Saturday evening to get to distribute Case Histories…

Keith B Walters


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