ZOMBIES! – An Illustrated History of the Undead by Jovanka Vuckovic.

Out now in glorious large format hardback from ILEX £17.99

With a great introduction from the master of Zombies in cinematic form, George A. Romero, this is a great coffee table book for any fan of the undead – whether it be on the page, the screen, in videogames or in comics – just keep the little ankle-biters in your own home away from the coffee table once you’ve put it there….

Packed full of fantastic images from everything undead from the early origins and Haitian beginnings, through to early cinematic stills, superb poster artwork and then the more graphic images from more up to date visual entertainments, this book is exhaustive in its coverage – working both as a great cover to cover read and one to dip back into as a source of reference in the future for book and movie fans alike.

So, it’s of no real surprise that this, like all other great horror genre related tombes, has been put together by someone who has been an avid fan of zombie movies and books for years.  Jovanka Vuckovic is an award-winning writer, editor, film critic and cinema historian, and is currently working on her own first horror fantasy movie, The Captured Bird.  She worked for a time on horror magazine Rue Morgue and has many online interviews and features on some of the best horror directors and stars – Mr Romero included, of course.

The book successfully ties in lots of related movies, themes and sub-genres without ever diluting from the main thrust.  If you want a beautifully illustrated zombie history book that covers everything from mythology through all the classic movies and novels, stopping along the way to take in everything from Michael Jackson’s Thriller and the Resident Evil video games, whilst not skimping on features on the Blind Dead series and every decade of undead movies and books right up to The Walking Dead hitting television screens, then this is for you.

If you buy just one huge, fantastically gruesome, incredibly informative and lovingly put together book of Zombies this year, then make it this one.

Highly recommended.

Keith B Walters


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