SATORI – Don Winslow – Out Now – COMPETITION

A little while back I had the opportunity to read Don Winslow’s superb novel SATORI – out now from Headline.

If you missed the review, you can click HERE.

And here’s a brief summary plus news of a great fun contest to win a unique prize courtesy of Headline:

Nicholai Hel — genius, assassin, mystic, master of language and culture, and the world’s most artful lover.  Until now, he has appeared just once in the brilliant and unforgettable Shibumi. Published in 1979, Trevanian’s Shibumi was a landmark bestseller, selling over 2.3 million copies. It is revered by many as one of the greatest thrillers of the 20th century and now Don Winslow returns with the gripping prequel, Satori.

To celebrate the publication of Satori Headline Publishers are offering a rather unusual prize, a copy of Go, the ancient board game which figures prominently in the novel.  Fiendishly difficult (we can’t even figure out the rule book), this game will offer hours of enjoyment – why not play along whilst you read Satori!


Nicholai Hel is the master of the secret martial art of hoda korosu, or naked/kill.  To be in with a chance of winning Go, just let us know what your secret martial arts skill is in under 100 words of less in the comments below.  And for some inspiration, here is Sam Eades from the Headline pr team’s secret martial arts skill:

The “publicity flick” – the ability to disable any assailant in a ten mile radius with a shake of my blonde tresses.

So, let your creative juices flow and have fun coming up with your own secret martial art skill – we look forward to reading your comments and picking a lucky winner to receive the game.

Please leave your email address in the comment box, using ‘AT’ rather than @ to confuse those pesky spambots.

Good luck fellow assassins and warriors.




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4 responses to “SATORI – Don Winslow – Out Now – COMPETITION

  1. Clothing Crush – Few people know that I am usually fully covered in loose fabrics because this hides my secret martial arts skill to disable any approaching enemy. As an enemy approaches I unravel the extra layers of fabric and enclose the enemy within them. The fabric wraps around them and tightens until it renders the enemy unconscious. It then releases the enemy and returns to its normal appearance.

    Email address above! Loving the publicity flick.

  2. Mine would simply be the art of surprise, due to me leading a double life (at least). Signage Sales Manager by day, book blogger by night and (at weekends or when the kids are asleep) trained assassin – just don’t like to talk about it.

  3. The ‘Office Chair Assassination’ – the ability to cut anyone down to size, using only my hands and a keyboard to lance bullets of truth onto the internet.

    And all without ever leaving my comfy seat!

  4. “The Debilitator” – to boldly GO where no book blogger has gone before – rendering all other blogs useless so we are all on the same page – well, as far as Satorial elegence is concerned!

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