Time’s Legacy by Barbara Erskine

Published by Harper Collins.

This was my first Barbara Erskine novel and, I have to admit, as it didn’t feature a detective or a murder in the opening chapters I wasn’t sure it was really going to be my thing.

That said, I am now so pleased to have read it – it’s a great and interesting read and has shown me that there is certainly nothing wrong with breaking out and reading unfamiliar genres to keep an interest in reading going.

I was hooked – the superb trailer on Harper Collins’  author website certainly fired up my interest before I got to read the novel – it’s mix of modern day mysticism, the possibility of the occult and witchcraft in a modern Glastonbury based society and the vision-like tale of ancient Rome that runs alongside and crosses back and forth across the timelines made for a very interesting read.

The characters, particularly those of young priest Abi Rutherford and the mysterious Rector Kieran Scott, are all well rounded and I enjoyed my time with them for the duration of the novel. The Roman age characters are also interesting and the theme of how much of Christianity was brought to Glastonbury, and by whom, in years past was very intriguing.

I have just returned from an event where stones and crystals were on display on a stall and, until reading Time’s Legacy, their possible power meant nothing to me.  Now, however, maybe they do….


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