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COLD KILL by Neil White

Published by Avon – Out now.

This is a real crime book – it feels all too real, all too shocking and all too chilling.

It’s a work of fiction, but reads like it might have been ripped from a newspaper, so realistic is the theme and the way in which the characters interact.

It starts out as what appears a fairly straight forward serial killer tale, with Detective Sergeant Laura McGanity on the case of murdered Jane Roberts just three weeks after the killer’s first victim, Deborah Corley, was found.

Whilst Laura hunts the killer, her boyfriend reporter, Jack Garrett snoops around the Whitcroft Estate for any answers he can print; the estate is run by gangland boss Don Roberts, father of one of the murdered women.  The first victim was the daughter of an ex-Policeman, and Laura and Jack race to find any clues as to who may be responsible before the killer strikes again.

The dynamic of press and Police works really well, often showing the real-life conflict of just how much information should be released to the public – what will assist with the investigation and what will tip the killer off as to how they are doing in their pursuit?

And then the killer starts to email Jack……

It’s a tale of revenge and one of very dark family secrets and just what lengths may be sought for justice.

I loved the characters and they certainly helped flesh out what, in the hands of a less skilled writer, could easily have been a far less rewarding serial killer book.

There’s a very cleverly handled closing passage to Cold Kill and one which left me unsure as to whether the author is signaling closure for his characters or a possible new beginning for them.

But, I will certainly be seeking out Neil White’s previous books (Fallen Idols, Lost Souls, Last Rites and Dead Silent) whilst I wait to find out what he’s unleashing on us next.

A dark, creepy tale well told.

Highly recommended.


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