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SNAPSHOT by Craig Robertson

Published by Simon & Schuster

Hot on the heels of one my favourite reads from earlier in the year, and one of the best debut crime novels I have read in a long time, Snapshot is Craig Robertson’s follow up to his excellent Random.

Whilst featuring the central character, DS Rachel Narey, from the previous novel, this book concentrates more on her boyfriend, Police photographer Tony Winter – another great character from Robertson – with a sometimes worrying interest in the dark photographs he takes at crime scenes – this is a man who takes his own camera too, to get shots for his ‘personal’ collection.

If you’ve not read Craig’s earlier novel, you can jump straight into Snapshot – but if you have the time then you really should read both as the one common thread is the fact that they are both fast paced, gritty, and superbly written crime thrillers set in the dark streets of Glasgow.

In Snapshot the story centres on a sniper who has set up in city and is proceeding to take out some local gangsters, steadily increasing his assault with a body count and more and more creative assassinations as the book rattles on. DS Narey finds herself sidelined from the case, and placed on the hunt for a killer of a local prostitute, whilst Tony Winter chooses to try continue his own private investigation into the sniper attacks after realising that something in one of his crime scene photos seems to hark back to an earlier crime from many years before.

I must confess to having some concerns as to how well a second novel, after the great inner voice narrative of Random’s killer, would pay off, but am very pleased to report that Robertson has quite clearly managed to blow any concerns away.  This is a fast paced race against an ever increasing threat, great characters, great story and some very creative, if nasty criminal activities along the way.

Grab yourself some Craig Roberston – the path’s been laid here for a long and fantastic crime fiction career.  Cannot wait for the next one.


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