Vampire Art Now by Jasmine Becket-Griffith & Matthew David Becket

Out now from ILEX

Whether your preference for vampires is the classic Dracula, the sinister Nosferatu, the seductive gothic characters of Twilight or the neck-ripping ghouls of other recent movies like 30 Days of Night, this book has amazing artwork throughout to sate every taste (literally).

Coming from the same publishers (ILEX) as the superb ZOMBIES – An Illustrated History, once again this does not disappoint on any level.

If a coffee table tombe full of torn throats, spilt blood and horrific images mixed with the erotic and the downright disturbing can be called beautiful, then that’s what this is – a beautiful book, lovingly put together with amazing images on every page.

Everything from simple cartoon-like images, through finely detailed illustrations and paintings to some terrifying photo-manipulated images are here, with sections on everything from Gothic Quarters to Vampire Hunters and the Hunted.

With text limited to the detail of each panel and some information on its source, no room is spared other than that for the bloodsuckers that threaten to leap from every page, to seduce and to bite in equal measure.

With a foreword by vampire fiction author Rachel Caine and an introduction by the joint authors of the book, the question that comes up is why this book hasn’t been assembled before – it’s clearly an (if you’ll excuse the pun) undying trend with vampires in films, books and comics constantly being sought out by legions of fans.

Buy it, buy two copies (at least), maybe three, because every one of these images suits and cries out to be framed.
Looking for inspiration for your writing, a costume or your own painting and illustration? – If it’s creatures of the night you’re after, look no further.

Beautiful and yet deadly – and available right here or  here.


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