DOVE SEASON ‘A Jimmy Veeder Fiasco’ by Johnny Shaw

Published by Amazon Encore.

This was my first experience of a title from Amazon Encore, a publisher working with authors to introduce or re-introduce their books to readers, and a great experience it was too.

The perfect escapism read for this weekend, reading about the adventures of the central character Jimmy Veeder on the Calexico/Mexicali border at a time when here in the UK we are experiencing hotter than Mexico temperatures.

Told in the first person, this is a mystery, an adventure and a heartfelt tale of a man pulled back to his hometown after ten years away when he is told that his father is dying of cancer.  After some wonderful banter between father and son, we know that the end is sadly in sight, but no one is ready for Big Jack Veeder’s dying request; he asks his son to cross the border and bring him back a specific prostitute, Yolanda, to his bedside.

And so, the sadness of the hospital bedside scenes are swiftly replaced with a sun-filled haze of humourous adventure as Jimmy, assisted by his old buddy Bobby Maves, dodge violence and threats along the way to seek out Yolanda and bring her back.  Their adventures provided me with the most fun I’ve had with a crime book for some time (probably the best laugh out loud moments since Eoin Colfer’s ‘Plugged’) with the wise cracks coming thick and fast in the midst of some quite deadly encounters.

We’re only at the midpoint of the book, however, before Jimmy suffers a heartbreaking loss, swiftly followed by the discovery of a corpse, leaving him reeling and desperate to seek out the truth and to clear up what appear to be growing rumours about his father’s past history.

Great great fun, with a real sense of place – the sweat will run down your back as you read, your mouth salivating for a shot of tequila with each chapter.

If this is a typical ‘Jimmy Veeder Fiasco’, then I can’t wait for another, and soon.

You can check out more about Johnny and his work at


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