Into the Darkest Corner – by Elizabeth Haynes

Published by Myriad Editions

Earlier this year I was blown away by a book that dealt with the mysteries created by the mind with the excellent debut ‘Before I Go to Sleep’ by SJ Watson, I am so pleased to have discovered another worthy read that treads similar territory but stands on its own merit.

In a recent ‘Writing Magazine’ interview, Julia Crouch (author of the great psychological novel ‘Cuckoo’, published by Headline) described her use of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) as a great way to get first drafts written and she cited Elizabeth Haynes as another author who had used that route, praising her debut.

That was me sold, so a click on the kindle and I settled to read ‘Into the Darkest Corner’, but when I say settled maybe that should be ‘unsettled’ as it’s a disturbing trip into the mind of Cathy, who is clearly going through a personal hell.  A sufferer of OCD and with strong indications that she has been in an abusive relationship, the story is told from her viewpoint in 2003 and in 2007 in alternate chapters – a style which works great for this book as we think something bad has happened in 2003 and we think something worse might be about to happen in 2007.

The man of her dreams, and then of her nightmares is Lee  (a name I’m sure came up as the least trusted male name in a recent poll – I remember nodding when I heard it as it was my old boss’s name), and he arrives in Cathy’s 2003 world as everything she ever wanted in a man – ‘just too good to be true’.

In her 2007 world she has a new man, with a medical background (again in ways similar to the SJ Watson book) but she feels that someone (either her new beau, or possibly Lee returned to trouble her) is messing with her mind and the darkness starts to descend once again on her life.

Long-listed for the CWA John Creasey (New Blood) Dagger 2011 this is a gripping debut from Elizabeth Haynes, a Police Intelligence Analyst.

With the Faber Academy producing novels like ‘Before I Go to Sleep’ by Sj Watson and NaNoWriMo producing first drafts of ‘Cuckoo’ by Julia Crouch and now ‘Into the Darkest Corner’ by Elizabeth Haynes – clearly these are good places to start.

Highly recommended and if you want to check more on Elizabeth’s work, you can go to


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  1. Agreed this (Into he darkest corner) is a really good book, I enjoyed it a lot (I read it because of a very good review on Euro Crime, and the kindle price sealed the deal – but I noticed the paperback in our local library today). I hope she writes another novel soon. I haven’t read the other two – the reviews of those are more mixed. Into the darkest corner has a massive number of 5 star reviews on Amazon, pretty impressive.

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