The Shadow on the Stairs – Ann Halam

Published by Barrington Stoke

A great little (and I do mean little, clocking in at just 71 pages (and that includes some with illustrations) ghost story for the spooky season.

Although one of Barrington Stokes’ books designed initially for reluctant readers this tale of Joe and his worry of what is causing the shadow on the stairs and the terrible night when he discovers just what it is, is a great read for all ages and perfect for a commute.

I was pleased to hear my daughter comment when she saw it on this week’s reading pile that her friend at school was reading the same book this week and she loved it too.



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One response to “The Shadow on the Stairs – Ann Halam

  1. grace ellis

    the shadow on the stair is one of my favorite books i ‘ve read it 12 times i read it neally every month got to say an i take my hat of to u

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