BLACK LIGHT by Patrick Melton, Marcus Dunstain & Stephen Romano

Published by Mulholland Books (Hodder).

 Two striking covers (the one on the left from the UK and the one on the right from the US) for this perfect Halloween time read.

BLACK LIGHT comes from two of the men responsible for penning such cinematic terrors as SAW IV, SAW V, SAW VI, SAW 3D and THE COLLECTOR (which they are currently filming a sequel to) and they are joined by acclaimed author, screenwriter and illustrator, Stephen Romano for this, their first novel.

It is, as you would expect, another walk on the dark side, or – in this case a high speed train ride (up to 500mph!) through the darkness as we join central character, PI and exorcist, Buck Callahan as he’s hired to cimba aboard the ‘Jaeger Laser’ bullet train for its debut, and politically sponsored, journey.  The reason for Buck being asked along is that the route of the train will take leads directly through a triangle of the most deadly ‘marks’ – tortured souls who refuse to leave the earth – and Buck has a particular skill in being able to drag them into his own body to then expel them.

He also takes the mission as he suspects it may help him find out what happened to his parents, whose deaths had something to do with the train and its route.

This is an occult action movie crying out to be made, full of witty PI asides and a great central character – not as gruesome as I would have expected (given the authors’ pedigrees) but I think it’s a good thing that they didn’t trade fully on that aspect.  It races along almost at the same speed as the train in which most of the action takes place.

Forget ‘Snakes on a Plane’, I can’t wait till this is made into a movie and I stand in line to buy a ticket to ‘Souls on a train’.

Good dark fun.


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