Taunting the Dead by Mel Sherratt

Available now on amazon.

From its great cover to the tale within, this is a greatly packaged debut which delivers on all fronts.

With characters you’ll love and love to hate too, this great debut has a feel of Martina Cole taking a trip to Stoke and taking the bad stuff with her.

The central character of DS Allie Shenton is a great creation and one I’d really like to read more of in future books. The investigation of the murder of Steph Ryder brings Allie closer to a family she already knows and closer still to the dark secrets that cluster to fog her search for the killer – of which there are several very likely suspects, it seems.

Skillfully juggling the cast of characters, we are led through the darkening streets of Stoke and the devious members of its society as each tries to cover their tracks for events that led up to the killing.

Like many great crime novels, the character is important, but so is the location and with ‘Taunting the Dead’ Mel Sherratt has placed Stoke firmly on the map and, with a strong mix of human drama, sex and crime, has hammered it home there.

What are you waiting for, get over to amazon, hit that BUY button and check out the first investigation by Allie Shenton now.


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  1. Sounds great and it’s only 99p! Bargain! Have just added it to my Kindle 🙂

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