where THE DEVIL can’t go – by Anya Lipska

Out now from Tadeusz Books.

The thing I love about the advent of the ebook and using twitter in combination to keep abreast of new releases from both established and new authors is the chance to find gems that might otherwise slip by.

And here’s a case in point, with Anya Lipska’s debut ebook release, a gritty hard read, based in the criminal underworld where British and Polish operatives collide.  Young waitress and wannabe model Weronika has disappeared and Janusz Kiszka has been given the task of finding her. The body of a young girl has been found in the Thames. Is Pawel Adamski – a man of dubious reputation and known drug dealer responsible for the counterfeit version of ecstasy flooding the streets of London, with possible links to the deaths of three girls in Poland? A known side-effect is the overheating of those who take the drug, so stripping naked and leaping into the Thames cannot be ruled out as a possibility for the body of the girl found in the river.

Whilst Janusz pursues the family’s needs for finding what has happened to Weronika, DC Natalie Kershaw is seeking the truth by more traditional means. But Janusz has the inside track, close contact with Weronika’s friend, Justyna Kozlowska, and the ways and means to make a trip to Poland (albeit by having to accompany a coffin) to help his private investigation.

With political and sexual undercurrents to the plot, and its spattering of great Polish expressions and phrases throughout, ‘where THE DEVIL can’t go’ is a great debut with plenty to get your teeth into.

A closing sequence of events that literally left me breathless cemented my want to read more of Anya Lipska’s crime fiction – well worth you hitting this click.


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