Crossbones Yard – a haunting tour of London

Last week I was honoured to be invited along to a walking tour of London, the parts of London that we rarely tread, or if we do then we tend to miss the details of just what we are walking past.

Crossbones Yard is a stunning and gripping debut crime novel by Kate Rhodes (the first UK crime author to join the Mulholland Books UK imprint of Hodder & Stoughton) and I was halfway though the novel when it came time to walk the secret streets.

I’d googled the title of the book as soon as I heard of it, checked a few sites about the history of the location (not far from London Bridge Station and Guys Hospital) and then stopped reading quick, not wanting to spoil the book or the tour. A very enjoyable evening, despite the reliable London drizzle, treading the path taken by the novel’s central character and taking in the titular location along the way – the unmarked graves of a reported thousand prostitutes, and the gates adorned by hundreds of faded tributes to ‘The Outcast Dead’.

After the tour, we managed to locate another hidden London gem in the form of a very popular coach-house pub, and there was plenty of time to chat to the lovely Kate Rhodes – who you can see in July at Harrogate.

Full review of the book to follow soon – but you can check it out and get pre-ordering here.


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  1. It sounds like it was an interesting tour, despite the drizzle. Definitely a book I need to check out 🙂

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