Getting ‘DEAD SCARED’ with SJ Bolton in The Cage !

I was so pleased that I’d been fortunate to meet the lovely SJ (Sharon) Bolton at previous events – if I hadn’t then the prospect of meeting the author of such terrifying tales as ‘Blood Sacrifice’, ‘Now You See Me‘ and her latest ‘Dead Scared‘ would have likely had me trembling in my boots.

So, her publishers, Transworld, had to up the ante for a meet event to celebrate the launch of ‘Dead Scared’ by housing it in one of the most intimate and somewhat sinister venues they could find – The Cage within Gordon’s Wine Bar on Villiers Street, London – a perfect choice.

Well, when I say perfect, it had the added values of being dark other than two candles per table (the photo left featuring Sharon to the right doesn’t give the creepiness full justice due to its flash), very claustrophobic and arched throughout and dank with the occasional rumble of passing trains and tubes, and dripping condensation on our heads. Upon arrival, Sharon had to confess to being a little claustrophobic – something that her publicity team had not realised, but she braved it out like a real trouper and once the conversation began to flow, along with some fine wine and cheese, it was clear there could be no better location to discuss being ‘Dead Scared’.

Now, you’ll note in the photo that Sharon is wielding a pad and pen and paying very close attention to what @LizUK is saying – this is because around the table we were each quizzed about our biggest fears, what we were ‘Dead Scared’ of, whilst she took notes.  Rumours abound that this may in some way be research for something yet to appear as part of a blog feature on her website or possibly a short story !

Once we’d covered fears, we talked through everything from ghost stories, MR James, Ouija boards and roller coaster rides – all in all a great evening spent in some very fine company.

My thanks to SJ Bolton, to Transworld and especially to Lynsey Dalladay for her considerable efforts in preparing our ‘Dead Scared’ event.  Even the little wind-up ‘bone-man’ was much appreciated and takes pride of place on my desk – even if I’m sure he moves on his own from time to time…… (for more on that, you’ll have to read the novel).

You can keep up with SJ Bolton and her books at her website – here.


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4 responses to “Getting ‘DEAD SCARED’ with SJ Bolton in The Cage !

  1. I bought Dared Scared at ChipLitFest. I’m looking forward to reading it. Your evening sounds very atmospheric and fun.

  2. A brilliant evening. It was great to meet up with everyone 🙂

  3. Dead Scared was awesome, just as Now You See Me. I can’t wait for the next book in this series!

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