An explosive discovery: Matt Hilton

It is to my eternal shame that, until this week, I had copies of books by Matt Hilton sitting on shelves and unread.

At the weekend, I corrected this (in part) by cracking open the covers of his first Joe Hunter novel ‘Dead Men’s Dust‘ and, if you’ll excuse the pun, I was ‘blown away’ by the action packed narrative therein.  I loved it – from the speed of the plotting, the furious and clearly well researched action sequences (Matt Hilton is a 4th Dan blackbelt ju-jitsu coach and ex-private security and police officer), the central character and, in particular for me, the almost mystical closing scenes of the novel where I likened it to some of the best John Connolly work I had read.

And then – I went full pelt along with Joe Hunter once again for his seventh adventure, confident that I would still get a great thrill ride, despite concerns that I was running the risk of losing some information no doubt locked within the five novels in the series I was skipping past.

No Going Back‘ is another cracker of a book.  Set in the Arizona Desert with Hunter on the trail of missing women who have been stolen away, seemingly without a trace and, in all likelihood, having been taken by a brutal group of men, whose motives are unclear and may hold a sinister secret. Once again, the book rushes along at breakneck speed and I was somewhat stunned at the page count rushing by – I defy anyone not to get swept along by the story and the action.  And, like Dead Men’s Dust, you will see hints of the unknown, the mysterious, in the corners of the page, small touches that may make you question if there is, once again, the possibility that this is more than an action thriller and whether you have in fact read something which is every now and again making little tears into other genres, all the time masking you with clouds of Arizona desert dust.

Joe Hunter takes no prisoners – and from the two ends of the series that I have experienced so far, I’d say that Matt Hilton doesn’t either – once he’s got you gripped, you’re his….but it won’t be against your will.


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