Crime in the Court 2012 – Goldsboro Books

It would be remiss of me not to make mention, acknowledge and thank the wonderful Goldsboro Books (David Headley and his team) for another fantastic event in the crime fiction fan’s calendar.

Despite the constant threat of rain, which for the most part resulted in the occasional drizzle, Cecil Court was last night, once again, packed with some of the biggest names in the crime fiction fraternity – this was like speed-dating for the crime fan. As with last year, there were just too many great names to get to see, or to mention – check out here for the list of attendees.

Others will, I’m sure, cover the event in far more detail and probably with some lovely candid photography.  For my part (and the fact that I was only there briefly this year) I just wanted to go on record to say thank you and to let anyone that didn’t know about this great opportunity to feel the buzz of Crimefest or Harrogate crammed into an incredibly friendly and sociable few hours in London, to make sure you keep an eye on Goldsboro Books and for upcoming events there.


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  1. Sometimes I wish I lived nearer to London so I could go to more of these types of events! 🙂

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