ALL FALL DOWN by Louise Voss & Mark Edwards

Published by Harper (on ebook from 20th December 2012 and in paperback 14th Feb 2013)

UnknownTime to die…
The explosive new thriller featuring Kate Maddox from the writers of Catch Your Death and Killing Cupid.

Two years on from uncovering a terrifying conspiracy of rogue scientists, all Kate Maddox wants is to lead a normal life with her partner Paul and son Jack. But then a face from the past turns up, bringing chilling news.
A devastating new strain of the virus that killed Kate’s parents is loose in L.A. – and when a bomb rips through a hotel killing many top scientists, it becomes clear someone will do anything to stop a cure being found.
While Paul goes on the hunt for answers, Kate finds herself in a secret laboratory in the heart of California, desperately seeking a way to stop the contagion. But time is running out and soon it will be too late to save their loved ones, themselves, and the world…

Any fears I had that the ground-breaking and kindle-smashing writing duo of Voss & Edwards might drop the ball after the tremendous success of Killing Cupid and Catch Your Death were squashed quickly like a virus spreading mosquito within the opening pages of this new novel.

Opening with a powerful prologue which I found akin to Stephen King’s The Stand, the scene is set for a new tale of the heroine from Catch Your Death, Kate Maddox, as she strives to battle a new and horrifying strain of a virus she has faced before. But this is anything but a retread of that previous book. With All Fall Down the writing team have upped the ante on every level with a juggernaut of a thriller, packing action into every page throughout its just over 450 page running time (and I do mean ‘running’ along with jumping, fighting, racing, shooting etc). Imagine that Outbreak movie from a few years back, turned into a road movie, with the action of Die Hard and you’d be about there.

Voss and Edwards manage to juggle multiple scenes of peril, splitting their main character from her partner, Paul, and son, Jack, and placing each one of them in their own adventure in parallel – all facing different dangers, all racing against the same clock.

It’s a timely tale too, with ebook launch on 20th December, just one day before the Mayan prophecy advises we’re all bound for oblivion, as the novel features a cult-like band who are set on a re-start of sorts to the world, believing they will be the only ones immune to the virus and who will do anything to stop anyone with the powers or knowledge to possibly prevent the spread or to find a cure.

With most of the UK currently experiencing symptoms of the annual winter virus at this very moment – it’s also a novel that will have you taking note whenever someone near you on the tube sneezes – will give you that niggling doubt in your mind…

…but don’t doubt for a moment that Voss and Edwards are clearly here to stay and, with such strong writing and stories, they have just unleashed a viral product for which I really hope there is no cure.

Dose yourself up right here.


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