If Snow Hadn’t Fallen (A Lacey Flint short story) by SJ Bolton

They say that snow covers everything that is mean and sordid and ugly in the world…but beneath the carpet of white, the ugliness remains.

11 November 2012, London. Long-smouldering feelings come to a head in a burst of shocking violence. A young Muslim man is brutally murdered by a masked gang. 

There is just one witness to the horrific crime: DC Lacey Flint. Or at least that’s what she thinks…

5169hhpTlhL._SX35_Looking for another great download for that kindle (or other ereader) that’s about to come your way this Christmas?

Here’s a great one for fans old and new of SJ Bolton’s great crime books.

It features her regular characters but, although regular readers will get an extra kick or two out of that, it reads perfectly as a wintry disturbing crime tale if it’s your first glimpse into her dark world.

Treat yourself this Christmas – download it here.


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One response to “If Snow Hadn’t Fallen (A Lacey Flint short story) by SJ Bolton

  1. Thanks for the tip – love the Lacey Flint books!

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