Flipbackbooks – Small but perfectly formed.

I was very intrigued when I heard about Flipbackbooks – some were saying even before the launch that this could be a serious contender to battle the kindle in terms of the perfect portable form for a book.

Portable they certainly are and beautifully formed – my copy of Stephen King’s MISERY (already one of my favourite novels) is now in a form I can take anywhere – it really is that teeny-tiny.  And I just love that cover image.

Here it is alongside my old NEL paperback edition – half the size and only half as thick too, due to the thin paper used which enables the pages to be slid back rather than turned in the old fashioned way.

I must confess, I’m struggling a bit with the whole holding a novel sideways thing and, whilst I am totally in love with the kindle now for all its storage and versality, these Flipbackbooks are a lovely thing and the perfect portable gift for holidays or commuting.

Priced at more than the average paperback (at £9.99 each) I think that might go against them being a huge hit, but with a pretty varied list for the first 12 books released in this format, go on and give one a go.

Thanks to Hodder for kindly providing me with the Stephen King Flipbackbook.

The other titles available in bookstores now are:

1. Chris Cleave,  The Other Hand.

2. Melvyn Bragg,  The Adventure of English.

3. John le Carre,  Tinke Tailor Soldier Spy.

4. Jasper Fforde,  Shades of Grey.

5. James Frey,  A Million Little Pieces.

6. Stephen King, Misery.

7. Michael Lewis,  Liar’s Poker.

8. David Mitchell,  Cloud Atlas.

9. David Nicholls, One Day.

10. Jodi Picoult,  My Sister’s Keeper.

11. Peter Robinson,  Piece of My Heart.

12. Charles Frazier, Cold Mountain

And you can visit their website and make suggestions for new titles at www.flipbackbooks.com


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