The Christmas Spirits by Whitley Strieber

Out now from Hodder in ebook format.

Strieber is an author I’ve very much neglected over the years – but now the bestselling author of the classic horror novels (and to most known from the films they spawned) The Wolfen and The Hunger, and the non-fiction book,Communion (also made into a movie starring Christopher Walken) is back!

The Christmas Spirits is a great reimagining of Dickens’s classic A Christmas Carol and brings the story to the 21st century. Instead of Scrooge, we follow a modern version in the form of futures analyst and stocks player George Moore, as he receives three visitors on Christmas Eve, just as Scrooge was visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. But these are not the ghosties and sprites that frightened Dickens’s readers. George’s visitors are more ambiguous and all the more frightening to the modern sensibility because of it. Can George make the changes that are needed to save his eternal soul, or will he die a premature death which his employees will celebrate with a party?

It’s a great modern twist on a classic premise, with Christmas being the ultimate time for reflection on just who we really are and what we could really achieve for the good of others if we chose to.  The updates include fashionable must have items such as trainers and George visiting locations to make change in his luxury limousine – but, although the characters and the scares are different, the message that George is given is essentially that of the timeless classic.

So, go ahead, get that download for some festive chills and check out this superb trailer for the book too.




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