Dead Men’s Socks by David Hewson

A great introduction for anyone unfamiliar with David Hewson’s fantastic body of work and a nice little addition to those of us who already have a bookshelf of his novels.

Dead Men’s Socks is a bargain Quick Read paperback or download in which the author has conveniently managed to lose a few major characters to give centre stage to one, Peroni, and this clever and somewhat witty tale of murder, mystery and men’s hosiery.

It’s a sweltering July morning when Peroni finds himself teamed with Di Capula as they investigate the apparent murders of two men in the absence of regular head of forensics, Teresa Lupo (at a conference), Leo Falcone (on holiday) and Nic Costa (on an airport security drill).

The two men seem in many ways unconnected, one a eminent psychiatrist and the other a small time crook and traveller.

But, there is one detail the men appear to share…..their socks.

A cracking short read, full of all the hallmarks of a much bigger David Hewson novel and a satisfying lunchtime snack that sits well alongside his larger Rome-based banquets.

Grab yourself some Dead Men’s Socks in a bookstore or head over to download from Amazon as fast as your own little feet can carry you.



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