Exhibit A Signs Matteo Strukul in Two Book Crime Fiction Deal

Exhibit A, the new crime fiction imprint of award-winning publisher Angry Robot, has signed award-winning Italian author Matteo Strukul for two novels.

Exhibit A’s Commissioning Editor, Emlyn Rees, bought World English rights in The Ballad of Mila and Black Queen: The Justice of Mila from Allan Guthrie at Jenny Brown Associates.

The Ballad of Mila tells the story of female Italian Bounty Hunter, Mila Zago, a.k.a. Red Dread. Abandoned by her mother and violated by a gang of criminals just after they slaughtered her father, Mila is a cold-blooded killer, a deadly assassin. Brought up by her grandfather on the Sette Comuni plateau under a rigid martial code, she returns home to seek her revenge, conspiring to create a spectacular showdown reminiscent of A Fistful of Dollars.

Exhibit A’s Commissioning Editor Emlyn Rees said: “This is concise and thrilling storytelling of the highest order. Imagine Elmore Leonard behind the wheel of a car in Grand Theft Auto. Only twice as brutal and fast.”

Exhibit A will publish The Ballad of Mila in June 2014 simultaneously in the UK and US in paperback and eBook.

The author, Matteo Strukul, is also a well-known graphic novel writer. Together with international artist Alessandro Vitti (MARVEL and DC), he created Red Dread, a comic book series with Mila Zago as protagonist, which was awarded the Premio Leone di Narnia as “Best Italian comic book series of the year”. Matteo is also the artistic director of the Sugarpulp Festival and line editor of Revolver, a crime fiction imprint of Edizioni BD.

For more information on Matteo Strukul, visit http://www.matteostrukul.com, follow him on Twitter @MatteoStrukul, or see his Facebook page.


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